5 Worst Free Fire Characters For Ranked Mode

Garena free fire is pretty popular and one of the most played games in battle royal game category from this game we expect the character that should be able to perform good in battlegrounds but there is also some characters in this game that are we suggest should be removed from the game and mostly players avoid this character to play with. Garena free fire is one of the most downloaded game on google play store. And also received an award for that in 2019. This game is developed quite well by grena. And its one of the way for the gamers to quite boredom. Well in this article we are going to tell you about the ranking of the worst Free fire characters in garena free fire game. When we play this game in rank mode then we can see our gaming rank in this mode, that’s why we are providing some characters that you should avoid taking for better ranking.

Worst Free Fire Characters 

1. Rafael


Rafael is one of the male characters in garena free fire game, he has the passive ability known as dead silent and this name is according to this ability. As the name indicates this ability can silence the guns weapons sound for snipers rifles and marksman rifles, opponents who are hit by this character will lose the HP by 20% rate at the beginning level of ability. So this ability is also one of the unusable abilities in the game. This ability at max level enemies hit and downed suffer 45% faster HP loss. If this want liked by passive and aggressive players they like noise and blood Shade. For those this character is never a good one. It is a character that requires a break.

2. Ford


Ford is one of the worst character in garena free fire game when in push rank, it is one of the longest running character in game his ability don’t longer support players when playing, he can provide less damage when outside the play zone or safe zone. As his look indicates he is ordinary an from navy and he has his own secrets. Ford was a very resilient man. At the beginning level of his ability this ability reduces damage when outside the zone by 4%, and at the max level this ability reduces the damage outside the safe zone by 24%. Which was his achievement but as we know ability outside the safe zone is one of the worst idea of selecting this character. So mostly players should also avoid this character to play with.

3. Kla


Kla has an ability in the game of muay tham, if you used this character in this game you will know that kla is a wrestler with wrestling style abilities and skill which was not usable in battle royal game and this ability has no advantage over weapons. Officially kla is a martial artist, at the beginning level of his ability fist can damage with 100% and at the max level of this ability fist damage is increased by 400% as art of eight. So with the fist ability this tournaments are very rare tournaments so this character also doesn’t deserve to be in this game.

4. Maxim


Maxim is a mushroom eating character, his ability doesn’t really work, it’s just like useless thing. He never says no to food, means eating is his hobby. He can win in eating competitions but as you know players don’t like such characters in battleground / battle royal games. The eating mushroom speed reduces the time by 15% at base level. And reduces the time for eating mushrooms by 40% at the highest level. So finally we can can say that maxim has ability specially for eating mushrooms which is not a good deal. So maxim also falls into the category of worst characters in a garena free fire game.

5. Nikita


Nikita is a female character in this game and she has a passive ability called firearms expert. Also the worst FF character during the last push rank was nikita. Also, nikita has good body guard, but for this characters ability it’s not good. This ability of nikita improves the reload time of SMGs by 4% and the starting level and improves the speed by 24% at maximum level. This character is mostly avoided by the players and you mostly cant see players playing with this character. Also this ability or skill has better advanga in less distance from opponents. But as we know every character in garena has different skills ability and playing style in this game so players can choose according to their choice. More about nikita is she is professional bodyguard. And abilities can be upgraded till level 6.

These are all characters we discussed that are considered to be the worst one in the game. Also the other Garena free fire characters are not just cosmetic in nature, each of them provide different abilities and way to survive that can change your approach in the battle. Players can select the player and start improving their ability to reach the max one and win the game.

Others Characters in the Garena Free Fire

Psych professor: In this ability EP to HP rate increased by 500% for allies and self within 600 meters radius

Jiujitsu master: It regenerates 2 EP in every 2-3 seconds. Up to 100 to 150 EP.

Lucretia: Luqueta was an exchange student from oversea also his clothing style is the same. He has survival ability called Hat Trick. Every kill increases the max HP, upto 35. At the base level every kill increases max HP by 10 up to 50. Every kill increases the max HP by 25 to 50 at max level ability.

There ilaso characters named Thiva, Dimitri, D-bee, Maro, xayne, Skyler, Shirou, Chrono, Dasha, K, Kelly, Hayato, Moco, Steffie, Misha, Maxim, Andrew, Kellys friend, Laura, Alok, Jota, Clu, Wolfrahh, Alvaro, Antonio, Plaoma, Kapella, Joseph, Notora, A123, The monkey king, Olivia, Shani.

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