Sultan Ghari Tomb | Sultan Ghari Ka Maqbara Know About Oldest Indian Islamic Tomb

Sultan Ghari Tomb | Sultan Ghari Ka Maqbara | The Oldest Indian Islamic Tomb: Hello Friends, In this article, we are going to tell you about one of the oldest Islamic monuments of India known as “Sultan Ghari Tomb”.

Sultan Ghari Tomb was the first Indian Islamic tomb built by Sultan Iltumish in 1231 AD. It is situated near the village Malakpur Kohli, Ruchi Vihar, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India.

Let’s dive into the history of Sultan Ghari Ka Maqbara. This article will explain about who built the sultan ghari tomb and what’s the story behind it. So let’s get started.

Sultan Ghari Tomb (Sultan Ghari Ka Maqbara)

Sultan ghari tomb is also known as Sultan Ghari Ka Maqbara. The monument is a part of our rich cultural heritage. Hence we all should know about it.

Sultan Ghari Tomb

History of Sultan Ghari Tomb

Sultan Ghari Tomb was the first Islamic tomb built for Prince Nasirud-din Mahmud, the eldest son of Iltumish in 1231 AD.

He was the first sultan of the slave dynasty who ruled the Delhi Sultanate during 1210 AD and 1236 AD.

In 1227 AD, Prince Nasirud-din Mahmud won the battle near Lakhnauti. and after that, he overthrew and killed Iwaz and his nobles.

After winning the battle, Prince Nasiruddin Mahmud merged the original province of Oudh with Bengal and Bihar.

Thereafter he established Lakhnauti as his capital city that honored the prince with the title of ‘Malik-Us-Sharq’.

The meaning of the title ‘Malik-Us-Sharq’ is ‘King of the East’ which is awarded by his father, Sultan Iltutmish. Prince Nasirud-din Mahmud died after being killed in a battle. He ruled for a very short period of 18 months. 

The death of his eldest son had caused deep sorrow and pain to Sultan Iltutmish.

Because among his sons, Prince Nasiruddin was the most favorite son of the Sultan. To relieve his pain and in memory of his son, he established this tomb in 1231 AD and was named Sultan Ghari.

Sultan Ghari Tomb Architecture

Sultan Ghari Tomb is built on the site of a Hindu temple present in the era of Pratihara. This tomb is built like a fort with a courtyard-like layout.

Sultan Ghari’s tomb is situated in a “Ghari” or cave hence it is named “Sultan Ghari”. To reach this tomb, you have to go through the steep and winding stone steps which are supported by straight Pillars. 

The ceiling of the tomb rests on the columns which are raised with two pillars each. The construction of the entire tomb depicts a corbel arch. 

construction, which was very common in India before the arch design of the Romans was introduced, The similar construction can be seen in subsequent Islamic monuments.

In this tomb, you will see some pictures and structures which used to be present in Hindu temples in ancient times. 

According to Asaru’s-Sanadid by Sayyid Ahmad Khan: “Stones from Hindu temples have been used in the tomb and A look at the dome is eventually leads us to the conclusion that it has been brought from some temple”

Sultan Ghari Tomb is a place of worship for the Hindu and Muslim community people present in the surrounding villages such as Mahipalpur, Masoodpur.

Due to the religious reverence of Sultan Ghari Tomb, this monument is well maintained by the local people than ASI(Archeological Survey of India), so that the ancient structures of this monument are protected.

Wrap Up

Conservation of Ancient Heritage buildings is very important because it represents the past history and culture of a nation and gives a sense of identity for our future generations.

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FAQs About Sultan Ghari:

Q1. Where is Sultan Ghari Tomb located?

Sultan Ghari Tomb is situated near the village Malakpur Kohli which lies on the Mehrauli-Palam Road which is around 8 km west of the Qutb Minar complex in Mehrauli, India.

Q2. Who built First Tomb in India?

Iltutmish has built India’s first Tomb.

Q3. Who built Sultan Ghari Tomb?

Iltutmish has built Sultan Ghari Tomb in memory of his eldest son Nasirud-din Mahmud.

Q4. Who built Sultan Ghari?

Iltutmish has built Sultan Ghari which exists to known as India’s oldest Islamic Tomb.

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