Purgatory map coming to clash squad mode

If the app is also Garena Free Fire player then it is good news for you that Purgatory Map is to be added in Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire. about which Garena Free Fire launched the video trailer on its official YouTube channel 9nov a week ago. In which available locations and places in Purgatory Map has been shown to. Which is very much liked by the players. Looking at the comments of the video, it can be inferred that this is a good news for the players,& players can now play game in purgatory map with clash squad mode.

Purgatory map

Purgatory Free Fire has a 2nd map in which different areas are available such as Mothos, Ski Lodge, Fields Crossroads etc.

What is Clash Squad Mode and how to play

Clash squad mode is 4 vs 4 round based game mode. There is total 7 rounds in this mode. Players have to win the game by using their weapons. Players are divided into two teams warbringers and howlers. The team who wins 4 rounds is get rewarded and get booyah. For wining in this mode it needs planning thats done by teammates.

To start the clash squad mode in garena free fire follow below steps:

  • Step1: Start game and in the top right corner there is option to change game mode click on it.
  • Step2: Select clash squad mode (4v4).
  • Step3: When players are ready click on start button to begin match.

About Garena free fire:

Garena free fire also known as free fire is battle royale game developed by garena. For android and ios devices. This game has received reward for “best popular vote game” in 2019 by the google play store.


Free fire is a 50 player match game, start with players landing into island from one of the selected map by player. Players are independent to choose their landing location, after that players can collect weapons, grenades, medical healing items, and others to give their best performance in game. Players goal is to play and survive till last by eliminating opponents. As the time runs out, the safe area also decreases and the player has to play inside the safe area. The player and the team that will survive till the end wins the match. And rewards are awarded.

Free fire maps:

Maps is an important part of the battle royale game. Which attracts the players to itself. Player likes to play battle royale game in different locations that makes game more interesting. Different maps are available in Free Fire, which the player can select according to his own. Free fire maps are- Bermuda, purgatory & kalahari. Each map is unique design and different approach.

  1. Bermuda:
  2. Purgatory:
  3. kalahari:


Bermuda is most popular map in free fire because its first map. As free fire has 50 players per match its estimated that bermuda is half size of pubg mobiles infamous erangle map. At 4×4 kilometers. Did you know that bermuda name and location are taken from real locations. Name is taken from region in central america. And its designed after various locations in latin america, southeast asia, and pacific. Bermuda is a normal iceland and not a tourist place. There is different locations in the middle of the map like bimasakti strip, pochinok, peak or clock tower are very popular with all players. While far locations such as edge of the map are much less popular with the exception mill. katulistiwa Which are the highly loot spots that attract player with their loot quality. This map is mostly first map for the players who have not played battle royale game before. Players can land onto different locations according to their loot need.


Purgatory is second map in garena free fire battle royale game. Which was previously added into game as “elite map” that only player at level 5 or more can access. But you know that , that time purgatory is pretty unpopular comparing to bermuda map. And also removed when kalahari map was added into the game. After loosing and geting negative response from gamers garena decided to add the map again into the game. Purgatory os somewhat different from bermuda. The island was based on tourism location, with a villa, golf course, ski lodge, campsite available. There is a quarry, marbleworks, lumber mill and field on the residential side. This map is now available with clash squad mode (4v4) players. About characteristics of purgatory map is it has large rivers that separate map into three sections that connects each other with bridge. Players can wait on the side of the bridge to find and shoot opponent coming to the bridge. Sniper or gun with scopes and silencer works better here. The two small islands brasilia and these bridges becomes most number of player parts in purgatory. The top part of the map is rather barren, with only the endless fields and the moathouse. There for the aim is to survive and achieve the highest position.


Kalahari is third map next to purgatory map. And kalahari is free fire’s desert version map, that an attempt to bring some new things into the game. Not like usual maps experience. In this map players strongly uses snipers due to general lack of cover. So if you are good at sniping this map is pretty good for you. In this map the whole thing can be considered as oasis. Kalahari is well designed map and with big locations but players can still access decent amount of loot.

Free Fire Weapons:

Weapons are important aspect of battle royale game like free fire. Free fire provide wide range of weapons that players can use in the game. The weapons are divided into their categories like SMGs, AR’s, Shotguns, Snipers, Launchers, LMG’s and more. Many players who start to play free fire newly don’t know much about the guns.

Here is list of some available guns & other weapons in free fire game:

RGS50, MGL140, M79, Gatling, M249, CG15, P90, MP40, UMP, MP5, VSS, Thompson, katana, bat , grenade, AN94, XM8, M60, M4A1, AK, M14, Scar, AUG, M1873, Spas12, Kar98k, AWM etc.

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