PUBG New State Best Settings Guide and Tips 2021

PUBG New State Best Settings Guide and Tips. You are going to get PUBG New State Settings Tips here. PUBG New State, the advanced fight royal from Krafton is here. The game was delivered around the world on eleventh November 2021 and has timed 20 million downloads as of now. Set in 2051, the advanced guide TROI alongside different landmarks is seeing a gigantic acknowledgment all through the world. In any case, here we have the PUBG New State Best Settings manual for assist the players with dominating in their ongoing interaction. This aide will help you independent of being a rookie or an accomplished player which will assist you with confronting a few hardships in playing the game.

PUBG New State Settings Tips

Before playing any game, it is important for us to know about the settings of that game. If we want to perform well during the gameplay, then it is very important to have all the settings present in the game right. This thing is applicable while playing PUBG New State. If you like to play PUBG New State game and if you see PUBG New State game according to your career then it is very important for you to know PUBG New State Settings because only then you can perform well in the game. Follow the PUBG New State Settings Tips given to you below.

PUBG New State Best Settings Guide

Basic settings

To start with, we have the Basic settings which is the fundamental square of any ongoing interaction mode.

The underlying menu in Settings is “Essential Settings”. For the “Connection” and “Other” menu, you can choose as you need to. Be that as it may, to permit others to spectate your interactivity, then, at that point, you might need to “Enable” the “Permit Spectators” choice. To permit others to spectate your interactivity, then, at that point, basically “Disable” it.

PUBG New State Settings Tips

Settings Status
Connection Server Recommendation
Allow Spectators PP


A higher casing rate implies a smoother experience. In this way, consistently select the most elevated edge rate choice according to your gadget’s capacity. Nonetheless, high illustrations quality comes down on a gadget’s GPU, causing variances in outline rate. You can attempt to keep the designs quality low.

Screen Filter relies upon the player’s point of view. In PUBG Mobile, everybody liked “Beautiful”. Be that as it may, PUBG New State brings a further developed screen channel. Along these lines, the “Standard” setting is all set or, you can check it out by evolving to “Differentiation”.

Settings Status
Graphic Quality Light
Anti-Aliasing Off
Brightness 150
Screen Filter Standard/ Contrast


Now we have the performance settings which is one of the important aspects of any gameplay mode.

Settings Status
Frame Rate Max/Extreme


Fundamental sound settings and some in-game settings are shown in the ongoing interaction settings choice. For non-experienced players and fledglings, the best utilization of sound will be turned ON every one of the settings that are identified with sound to get an encounter of the relative multitude of highlights.

3D HUD isn’t a lot of an assistant as the majority of them won’t see it to keep ammunition counts. Rather, they favor the ammunition count shown nearby the weapon symbols. Discussing the auto-follow, some may not favor it while playing with arbitrary colleagues.


Presently we have the battle settings which is one of the significant parts of any interactivity mode.

Settings Status
Sound Tracker Enable
Sound Tracker with Icon Enable
3D-HUD Disable
Blocked LoS Warning Enable
Heal Widget Instant Use Enable
Auto-Follow Disable
Scope Quickshot Disable
TPP/FPP Switch Button Enable

Control Settings for players in PUBG New State

Controls are about buttons utilized in-game activities by  player that is the hunch, inclined, bounce, parkour, and so forth These buttons can be useful by utilizing them independently while consolidating some can likewise ensure the agreeableness of a player.

Action Buttons

Settings Status
Parkour Combine Jump Button
Peek PP
Automatically Switch to Scope Mode when peeking PP
Roll Separate Buttons
Gyroscope PP
Scope and Shoulder Mode Separate Buttons
Shoulder PP
Scope Mode PP

Drag Controls

Settings Status
Camera Rotation when Dragging Peek Button PP
Camera Rotation when Dragging Shoulder Mode Button PP
Camera Rotation when Dragging Scope Mode Button PP
Aim Assist Enable
Single/Burst Mode Auto Fire Tap and Hold Fire Button
Auto Shoulder Weapon Disable
Shotgun Firing Mode Tap
Sniper Rifle Firing Mode Tap
Auto Pull Pins Enable
Horizontal Camera Acceleration Enable

Check these settings out and in the event that you are observing difficulty, you can allude to this PUBG New State best settings guide whenever to become familiar with about the new settings and sensitivities present in the game.


So friends this was PUBG New State Settings Tips. I hope that you have understood all the setting of PUBG New State game and you must have liked this article today. If you liked this article today, then definitely share it with your friends so that they can also get information related to this topic. If you have any problem related to this article or if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting, we will try our best to answer your question.

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