How To Become A Pro Player In PUBG Mobile (NOOB TO PRO)

How To Become A Pro Player In PUBG MobileFriends, in today’s article, we are going to know how you can become a pro player in PUBG Mobile game. When it comes to games, pro players have their own swag in the world of games. There are many such games that people like to watch online on platforms like YouTube, one of them is PUBG Mobile. You must have seen many such YouTube channels on which people upload gameplay videos of PUBG Mobile. But have you ever seen that PUBG player losing in any video? No, then the reason for this is that all the people who make videos on YouTube are all pro players. So if you are also thinking of starting your own YouTube channel by becoming a pro player in a PUBG Mobile game, then you have come to read the right article. In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can become a pro player in PUBG Mobile game.

3 Types of Players in PUBG Mobile Game

Friends, first of all you need to know what level player you are, you can find out by your KD (Kill to die ratio) and Tier.

1. Noob Player – 

If we talk about Noob player, then Noob player is the one who is a beginner, that is, those who have started playing the game from new and who do not know how to play PUBG Mobile game well. A Nub player has a KD of 2 or less and may be under the Platinum tier.

2. Average Player –

Friends, Average Player means medium player i.e. this type of player is not even a nub and also not a pro. Their Kd ranges from 2 to 3 and the tier can be between Diamond and Ace.

Pro Player In PUBG Mobile

3. Pro Player –

Players whose KD is more than 3 and they are in Coqueror, we can call them Pro players, although there are many such players in PUBG who are not in Konqueror but their KD is more than 5 then. Then we can put them in the category of pro players.

How To Become A Pro Player In PUBG Mobile

So friends, if you also have a desire to become a pro player in your mind and you are not getting good guidance, then do not worry, below you were given some such tips, by following which you can become a pro player.

fix sensitivity

Friends, there are many players in PUBG Mobile who play games with default sensitivity, but if you want to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile, then you should not do this at all. To become a pro player in PUBG Mobile, you have to play the game on custom sensitivity, which makes your controls smooth and you can speed up your movement.

What to keep Sensitivity in PUBG

If you are wondering what to keep sensitivity in PUBG, then you can copy the sensitivity of India’s top PUBG players like Mortal and Scout, but after that you will have to customize the sensitivity according to your own.

How to set Sensitivity in PUBG

Step 1- To set sensitivity, you have to first open your PUBG Mobile game. After opening the game, you have to click on the arrow given in the right side, where you will see the option of setting, you have to click on that setting option.

Step 2- After going to the setting option, you will see the option of Sensitivity below, you have to click on that option.

Step 3- Now you can customize it according to you, but keep in mind that after increasing or decreasing any sensitivity, you will have trouble controlling the recoil in the game for some time.

Use Claw Settings

Friends, if we talk about Claw Settings, then Claw Settings can help you a lot in becoming a pro player. There are a lot of pro players in the PUBG Mobile game who prefer to play on claw settings because it makes it much easier to control movement and recoil in the game.

In this also you can try the settings of your favorite pubg player, but keep in mind that if you change the control too much in the beginning, your gameplay may deteriorate instead of improving.

Improve Gameplay by playing TDM Match

Friends, if you do not know what is TDM mode, then tell that in this mode there is a match of 4 VS 4, in which you get a chance to play with more and more pro players, with the help of which your gameplay would have improved a lot. Is.

Play 1 VS 1 With Friends

Friends, the first rule to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile is that your close range fight should be good. That is, if the anime is near you, then it is necessary to have the ability and idea to kill them from close by. Because there is a possibility of getting maximum kills from close range fight. That’s why you can become a dangerous close range player by playing 1 vs 1 with your friends in (TDM Warhouse).

Before playing TDM Warhouse match, you have to keep one thing in mind that the person with whom you are playing TDM Warhouse match must be a pro player only then your close range fight can improve.

But there is also a problem in this because to play 1 vs 1 in TDM, room card is required, the easiest way is 7 Days unlimited room card which is available after completing 91 missions in Royal Pass. If you have a question that how to become a Pro player in Pubg by playing TDM, then let us tell you that all the top and Pro Pubg players keep improving their gameplay by playing 1 vs 1 with each other.

Use Gyroscope

In PUBG, the sensitivity of the gyroscope is given separately, in which we can make changes according to us, so let us know what should be the sensitivity in the gyroscope.

  • Whenever you use the gyroscope for the first time, you can keep the sensitivity 50.
  • After a week, change your gyroscope sensitivity to 100.
  • In the third week, you can increase your sensitivity from 150 to 200.
  • After this, finally the gyroscope sensitivity can be increased to 300.
  • Keep in mind that the sensitivity of the 8x scope should not be more than 100 or else you may find it very difficult to sniping.

Play Solo vs Squad

Friends, the best way to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile game is that you have to play as many solo vs squad matches as possible. Solo vs squad match means that you will be alone in your team and you will have a complete squad of 4 people in front of you. With this you can greatly improve your gameplay.

  • You must do hot drop in Solo vs Squad because it can give you more kills.
  • Play Solo vs Squad only when you are above Diamond Tier because only then you will get pro anime which you will be able to improve your skills by nailing
  • Instead of finishing any one player, always try to clutch the entire squad.

Fix Loadout

Getting the loadout right is also very important to become a pro player. What you carry in your bag can also affect your gameplay.

Best Loadout For Assaulter

  • AKM + Red Dot + 100 7.62 Ammo.
  • M416 + 6x Scope + 200 5.56 Ammo.
  • 3 Grenades + 5 Smokes.

Best Loadout For Sniper

  • M416 + Red Dot + 300 5.56 Ammo.
  • Kar98k + 8x Scope + 30 7.62 Ammo,
  • 4 Grenades + 4 Smokes


So friends this was How To Become A Pro Player In PUBG Mobile. I hope you liked this article today. If you liked this article today, then definitely share it with your friends so that he too can become a pro player in the PUBG Mobile game. If you have any problem related to this article or you have any question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting, we will try our best to answer it.

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