What is Himachal Pradesh Forest Protection Public Protection Scheme? how to make money growing medicinal plants

Nature is the most essential thing on earth, without which life is beyond imagination. This is the reason why we need to maintain the balance of nature along with physical development. Keeping this need in mind, the Himachal Pradesh government has started such a scheme, so that not only will the purpose of planting saplings be fulfilled, but those plants will also be used to make medicines for various diseases. The Government of Himachal Pradesh has started ‘Forest Protection Public Protection Scheme’, the detailed information of which is being given below.

What is Himachal Pradesh Forest Protection Public Protection Scheme?

Himachal government has come up with a new scheme for environment protection and Himachal Pradesh forest conservation, with the participation of local people, Himachal government will promote state forest conservation, the name of this scheme is ‘Community Forest Promotion Scheme’. Under this scheme, the Himachal government will provide facilities to the local people for planting various plants, herbs etc.

Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana

Objective of HP Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojana

There are many positive objectives of the government behind this scheme. Under this scheme, youth will be given employment in the rural and underdeveloped areas of the state. With the attainment of employment, there will be a meaningful change in the lifestyle of the people living in these villages. Earlier any person used to bring medicinal plants and herbs from the forests of Himachal and sold them at arbitrary prices.

With the advent of this scheme, it was also decided that no person would be able to take medicinal plants from the forests without the orders of the Forest Conservation Department. These herbs are found exclusively in five districts of Himachal Pradesh, which are being mapped. The government wants such plants to be sold at a good price and the villagers can get the right benefits from it. Under this scheme, the government has allowed that a group of people from any village can collect these plants and sell them at the government’s fixed price. The government will also provide financial assistance of Rs 10,000 to such a group of people.

What is benefits to Himachal Pradesh peoples

  • Himachal Pradesh government will fix profit in lieu of depositing and selling such plants, from which wood is not available and can be used for medicine.
  • Villagers will have to grow plants on their land. The government will give a subsidy of 25% to those who use their land for plants.
  • The government will give the status of ‘Self Help Group’ to the people working in the group. These people will get the most reasonable price for the plants.

Training to Self Help Groups

The entire responsibility of training this group rests with the Forest Department. Here they will be trained in all things related to this work. In this training people will get training on getting plants from forest, right time to get plants, protection of plants etc. During the training, it will also be told how to dry and preserve these plants after receiving them. Information about the exact price of the plants will also be given to the people. After this training, any person can easily work under this project.

Types of Herbs in Himachal Pradesh Forests

Himachal Pradesh is considered an important place of medical treatment. Actually most part of this state is full of greenery and forests. This is the reason that plants of different types of medicines are easily available here. Different types of plants are found here, from which different types of medicines are made. According to a report of the Forest Department, about 3,400 types of such plants are found in the forests of this state, from which medicines can be made. The cost of these plants is in lakhs and they are useful in almost all kinds of diseases. The government is focusing on the conservation of these valuable plants.

Who can grow and sell medicinal plants or Eligibility

  • Under this scheme, those people who have their own land will be able to enroll easily. So that such people can grow these plants on their land.
  • Only those people who are residents of Himachal Pradesh state will be able to take benefit under this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, those people can also collect and sell herbs, who will get themselves enrolled in the ‘Self Help Group’ of the government.

Zaika Project: Setup herbal medicinal center

Jaika Project is a scheme run under the Forest Department of Himachal Pradesh. They have formed a ‘Herbal Medicinal Cell’, which will inform the people of ‘Self Help Group’ by getting all the technical knowledge and the right price of the plants from the market. This cell will do the work of telling the price with the help of mobile message.

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