How to Sell Free Fire ID – Step by Step

If you are searching for the help to sell your free fire id online in india this post will help you to sell you free fire id online. There are various websites available that can help you to sell or purchase garena free fire id online. Free fire is a popular battle royale game now a days which one that you can’t ignore in the gaming platform, it’s a battle royale shooting game that comes with various update every time, free fire elite pass 43 is going to enter in the game from 1 st of the december as this month ends the season 42 will also get break. and the season 43 begin with new updates and rewards.

How to Sell Your Garena Free Fire ID

If you are a good free fire player then you also have a chance to play the game and generate income by selling your free fire id to someone who wants to buy your free fire id. There are different websites online like- youtube,facebook in this website you have to submit the required details and signup to create your selling account and then provide your free fire account id so if buyers surf for the id, and if they like your free fire id they can buy it from you. In this selling website there are two options available one is to sell your free fire id and second is to purchase a new free fire id.

How to buy or sell your free fire id in a 100% safe

This method will tell you how to buy or sell your free fire id in a 100% safe and secure way. This post will help you to identify which is the right or wrong way to buy or sell a free fire id. So if you are a free fire player and thinking of buying a free fire id then you go to a free fire selling website and you find a seller for the same. For example it may be youtube, facebook etc. so if you directly provide them cash / online cash then there might be chances of froud with you. So this is the direct wrong way to purchase a free fire id. In this case you can lose your money and your account too.

Ask for proof from the seller

We are going to tell you another way, that is, firstly ask for proof from the seller. Like id proof that maybe Aadhar card or pan card. Keep this proof safe towards you. Then if he asks, also provide him with your id proof information. After that don’t directly pay him the full amount, pay him at least 50% of the amount. Then ask him to provide the account after getting an account , check the account clearly, it’s the same account as shown or a different one. If it’s the right one that you want then you can pay the remaining account to him. So this is the right way that you can’t get fraud in purchasing free fire gaming account id.

Set the money range to your id

There is also a factor of how you can set the money range to your id while you are going to sell your free fire id. As we are from india there is no doubt that there is no doubt of price negotiation, the buyers mostly ask for the same. So you can set the price according to your work id, that is if you have a good and amazing costume in the game and decide to sell your id to 5K but the buyer may say that the price is very aggressive so you can reduce some price as you need. Rank token is also a factor that impacts on free fire id pricing. Also if you have nothing in your id to sell but have but one good thing that your level is 60 then you can sell this id to upto 600-800 INR. Another factor that impacts on pricing is likes. If you have the most number of likes in your id then the buyer gets impressed and will surely buy your id. The likes count shows your playing status. How well or good you are at playing this game. Try to dont handover the id to the buyer before taking money. If he asks if he wants to check your id before buying then you can create a simple video of your id and share the same to your social media accounts like fb, instagram and then tell the buyer to check the video.

Try to collect the best achievements in your free fire gaming ID

So if you are looking to generate income by playing the free fire game , try to collect the best achievements in your free fire gaming id, after reaching the best level and costume style and better number of likes you can sell this id to the trusted buyers who want to buy a new free fire id. As the free fire game’s craze is on higher level in gaming platform players always searches for a readymade free fire id that he can buy from the seller so try to understand their needs and if your id satisfies there need then you can sell your id to buyer with decided price as per your id features and achievements.

Garena free fire is also known as free fire is a battle royale game developed and published by garena. For android platforms, this game will become the most downloaded game globally in 2019. And also received an award for “best popular vote game” in 2019. This game is played in different modes like single (solo), duo or in clash squad mode that is 4v4 player mode. Also a free fire game added clash squad mode with purgatory map recently. In this game players are landed onto Iceland where they need to survive till the end. The player who kills the last player or alive one at the end of the game will get the booyah! This game received 4.2 out of 5 rating on google play store, it can be played on mobile devices as well as on PC.

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