How To Play Garena Free Fire in PC ?

Garena free fire is a game that doesn’t need an introduction nowadays, it’s one of the most popular battle royal games. May you have played this game many times in your mobile games, and if you are searching for help to play garena free fire game in pc then this post is for you. We will tell you how to play a garena free fire game using blue stack on your PC. you can fire this game onto the big screen and experience this game on big screen devices such as laptop PC. and play it with a keyboard mouse rather than using touchscreen small mobile devices.

Play Garena Free Fire in PC

To get started following are steps to get emulator into your PC and install the game and start the game:

Play Garena Free Fire in PC

  1. Download and install Blue stacks onto your PC, its free emulator for PC.
  2. Skip the google sign in process or complete it.
  3. In store search for free fire.
  4. From the search result select and install free fire.
  5. Complete google sign in to install google free fire.
  6. On the home screen select the free fire icon to launch the game

After completing these steps the garena free fire icon is available onto the home screen of blue stack emulator. So now you can enjoy a free fire game onto your PC. This emulator is compatible with millions of android games. So you may have a question: what are the controls of free fire using the blue stack emulator. While you are using this game in the emulator you will find that this game looks much better than the mobile version. After all, you are playing this game on a large screen. There are even some settings you can adjust to this game with only 2GB of RAM.

Free Fire Game Settings

After logging into the game go to the settings menu and go to the graphics section in the display tab, you can select the settings according to your PC hardware specification. If your PC is of low specs try playing this game into lower settings. Similarly if your PC meets the recommended requirement of the game then you can feel free to select the graphics properties as per your choice.

Now when you configured your PC settings for playing games, now we can focus on customizing PC controls for free fire. For this thing blue stack has a feature called keymapping tool. Using this you can customize the key control according to your playing style.

To access this keymapping tool, launch the free fire game, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+A so it will show you your current controls, also you can modify this according to your playing style.

What are the minimum PC requirements to play free fire on PC/ Laptop

We play the free fire game on PC / laptop using an emulator as it doesn’t have any official version for PC / laptop.

Minimum system requirements

System Components System Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 7 or above
Processor Intel or AMD processor
RAM Must have at least 4GB of RAM
Storage 5GB storage space

Recommended system requirements

System Components System Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 10
Processor Intel or AMD multi core processor
Graphics Intel/Nvidia/ATI
RAM 8GB or higher

Is it possible to play free fire without a graphic card?

The answer is yes. Many modern laptops or computers have integrated graphics accelerator chips nowadays. This integrated graphics help you to play such games without any extra graphics card need. Means they work good for emulating games like fire into pc. But if you are looking for a better graphics experience you should choose the pc with a graphics card.

What features are exclusive to garena free fire PC?

  • You can use keyboard and mouse to play game
  • These smart controls can be useful to you to speed up the actions
  • You can increase your framerate upto 60FPS
  • You can freely look in a 360 degree angle, at any movement using a mouse. That is
    faster than the mobile version

About Garena Free Fire Game

Garena free game has gor 4.2 rating from players on google play store. It’s a battle royal game. In which players are placed onto Iceland against 49 other players, so the player has to survive till last. At the beginning players start with collecting weapons, medical and health kits, greneds. This game has a different map to which players can select according to their playing choice. This game has a collection of different characters, weapons, maps, event pass, has cool and impressive graphics.

Here is also some game that can played onto pc

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is also a battle royale game. Like free fire game fortnite also provides unique characters whose appearance can be customized by players like skin and accessories. And as the battle royale game has this game also based on survival, there are two modes in fortnite – Save the world and fortnite creative. Also you can play this game in solo, duo or squad.


PUBG mobile and free fire both battle royal games are most popular battle royal games, on the mobile gaming platform you can also play PUBG mobile on PC also using emulator. Playing the PUBG mobile game on PC requires a similar process as for free fire. PUBG provides good graphics, weapons, sound effects and control.

3. Apex legends

Apex legends is a online multiplayer battle royal game. Featuring squads of three players, using premade characters with distinctive abilities. It was developed by Respawn entertainment. And published by EA electronic arts. You can play this game on mobile devices as well on PC/ Laptops. This game is also available on play station and Xbox.

4. Z1 battle royal

This is a competitive battle royal similar to free fire. Players can play this game in solo, duo or squad mode. The squad is of five players. This game has a good collection of weapons and vehicles that help players to travel around the map. This game was developed and published by the daybreak game company. In this game 100 players compete against each other.

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