How to Become a Pro Player in Free Fire Game Best Tips 2022

How to Become a Pro Player in Free Fire : Are you a new player to free fire and looking for the information to become a pro player in free fire? Then you find the right place for your question: how to become a pro player in free fire.

Free fire is a battle royale action shooting game which is very popular nowadays in the battle royale games category where players survive on an island to get the booyah! By eliminating other players using their strategies to survive by playing with team members in either duo or squad mode. Or maybe in solo mode (single player). Free fire is developed and published by garena. It’s got over 500 million downloads on google play store. And it’s a trending topic on social networking sites.

How to Become a Pro Player in Free Fire?

So beginners lets go ahead with our topic that is how to become a pro player in garena free fire:

How to Become a Pro Player in Free Fire

Loot in safe places

If you are new in garena free fire don’t have much information about crowded places in garena free fire then try to learn that and land onto the place where there is less number of players landing so you can easily collect the weapons, medical items , greneds, smoke that you need to fight in the game. Don’t enter into the crowded area, where there are more players shooting each other because dying at the beginning of the games in some seconds is not a good idea. So while landing, think about that and select the landing zone accordingly. We have suggestions of some places on the map that you can choose for safe loot in the game – pochinok, capetown, mars, electric etc.

Keep focus on your backpack items

Don’t fill your backpack with unnecessary things because if the backpack gets full in an emergency case, if you want to collect an item that time you have to throw unnecessary items from the backpack. That time you may be killed by another player in the game story to avoid the items that you don’t use in the gameplay. Keep planning for backpack items too. If you got items by mistake in a backpack try to throw them out of the backpack at safe places. So don’t waste your backpack space and make better use of it in future.

Expand your guns knowledge

Guns are a very important part in the free fire so you have to learn about the guns you should learn from every gun like what is its shooting type, auto or manual. Keep the gun name in mind if it’s useful in future so you can swap between the guns as per need. Learn and examine the shooting range of guns during gameplay. Try to learn the strong and weak points of guns, so in future you can make correct use of them.

Develop your own strategies and techniques

Try to keep learning in the game, maybe it’s from other players or from your past experience. Try to get ideas from the pro players who are playing well in the game, ask for suggestions if they are in your team, and make their strategies according to their strong and weak points. Your strong and weak points are not exactly like theirs but try to create your own.

Don’t try to fight until you get enough loot

Some players in the game as the game starts try to kill other players by their hand or with the weapons that they don’t have sufficient knowledge about. In result the players mostly die at the beginning of the game in some seconds. So even if you have good gaming skill try to avoid this early fight without better loot.

Try to avoid players you think they have better gaming skill compared to you

Try to fight with the players you have the upper hand means the players you think you can kill fight with them but try to avoid fights with pro players you think can kill you or have better playing ideas than you. They are mostly higher tier players in the game. So mostly try to avoid fights with such players who have the upper hand.

Try to get headshots

Most of the players in the free fire as they see opponents start shooting randomly on the opponent’s body until they die. But there is a risk you can kill them more early by hitting the aim toward the head of enemies. If you shoot on the head area of the enemy then he will lose HP faster and cause the most damage. And there are chances of getting headshot and killing them as fast as possible so try to hit in an upward direction.

Find good place to hide

Try to find a better place where you can hide yourself and see the enemies from the place. At the end while the safe zone shrinks, that time also you may need to do this. But not just in the end other times also you have to find a better place where you have to hide safely and try to get kills by sniping or killing with guns using silencers.

Make quick decisions and think before your action

The way you think and act in the game matters in the game a lot. So try to be don’t be very impatient while playing the game. Think about the opponents movement and try to kill them at perfect timing. But be quick and smart while making movements and taking decisions, because decisions like shooting randomly without the aim may cause you into danger. So be smart in your movements and decisions.

Final Words

Well the pro players are nothing different from normal players who start playing games on mobile or PC, just the difference is the above points mentioned. You have to focus on your gameplay and improve it by learning from your past experiences so you can make growth in the game. So if you follow the above tips in future gameplay you will be able to play the game more efficiently and correctly like the other professional players.

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