Top 7 Free Fire Tips, Easy to Rank Push

Free fire tips To avoid getting eliminated in the game too early this article will help you to avoid early fights while pushing your rank in the game. This is a battle royal game and survival is top priority here .. don’t play like getting started and directly focusing on getting kills or killing opponent with dull weapons. The following tips will help you to rank better in this game. About the ranking system in this game you may have questions how quickly you can reach a heroic rank. These tips will also help you to get a better heroic rank quickly as soon as possible.

Free Fire Tips 

1. Run and Gun

It’s the first trick that may be your favorite one. And also valuable. Also you can move through the building to get spotted by opponents if you are a beginner player in this game try to be avoided by other players while you land. Try to focus on collecting the weapons and medicine items that will help you to survive. Upon pressing run and gun keys simultaneously, the player gets up and begins running immediately. You have to keep your position changing rapidly, this will hep you to protect from other player guns and snipping. Also keep traversing behind the objects like stones, buildings etc. so this will help you to prevent your life. And when someone start shooting start to run away.

Top 7 Free Fire Tips to Avoid Early Fight

2. Play on edges of shrink zone

When the free fire zone begins to close, staying on the edge is a good idea. Free fire and some other battle royal games have a very innovative idea to keep all the players active in the play zone so the players have to stay inside the play zone to stay alive and keep playing the game. This play zone shrinks as time passes , this shrinking area is also one of the enemies for players in the game. But this shrinking zone is also good for the players who play actively and smartly.

You can stay on the edges of the shrinking play zone and keep looking in all directions of the play zone for the opponent players , when you are in the center of the play zone that time you also have to look in all directions. But at the edges of the play zone you can kill the players that are coming inside the play zone by keeping focus on them, also you can snipe the players at the center or other directions of the play zone. Also you can find the players into safe zone, you can easily eliminate them so you can take a large number of kills and can take advantage of this situation. But remember to be safe with the timer of the play zone, as play zone shrinks try to run into the safe zone.

3. If enemy is nearby crouch and move

Crouching and moving can save you from getting killed in many situations. So sometimes try to use crouching instead of running away from the opponents, you have to learn how to confuse other players and try avoiding them sometimes. As always, you may don’t have weapons in your hand. Also make use of the windows to take cover.

4. Practice with sniper to improve your aim

Aiming is an important factor in this game, if you want to improve your aim in free fire try to use sniper rifle. You can get more kills using snipers from long range. Use better scope for aiming enemies more easily.

5. Find a mainstay to land

Remember your aim is also to improve your rank in the gameplay, so find and decide the
place you want to land, don’t only focus on the loot or do not enter onto the crowded area,
because dying at the beginning of the game is not a good idea. Try to survive till the last in
the game. Don’t just focus .only on one thing. Find the safe area for you and land there, and
start finding opponents and kill them.

6. Play duo or squad with friends

Playing solo in the game means you can maybe get killed in the game accidently by someone, and there are no chances of review or any help from others to you so try to play with duo or squad mode with your friend they can help you to review and to get more number of kills from enemy squads or duo. You can keep communication from the team to get help where the enemies are and also move with them to kill opponents.

7. Keep you close range weapons as primary

Keeping your close range weapon is an important thing, as you can’t always use long range weapons anywhere, the primary weapon allows the player, move and react easily and shoot enemies. So try to keep primary weapons such as M104 or SMGs such as MP40. Also keep pistols.

8. Don’t give up defeat is a lesson

It may sound like motivational words, but also players sometimes think too much just about improving their ranking in game. Also during ranking improvement you have to learn many skills, and learn the lessons. Don’t lose your spirit towards the game, until you finally reach heroic rank.

9. Aim up when trying to get headshots

One way of killing ASAP is killing them with headshots, and this can be achieved by killing on opponents head, may it doesn’t matter for you how you kill opponents either by headshots or in other way but killing enemies with headshot will kill enemies easily.

10. Use smoke if spotted by enemy

If you spotted by the enemy, try to use smoke. The use of smoke grenades will be helpful for you to escape from the dangerous situation safely. Also you can prevent yourself by losing HP and prevent by bullets.

11. Don’t shoot while jumping

One common mistake many people follow during gameplay is they try to shoot while jumping. Free Fire tips will help you to rank up. But instead of it becoming beneficial to the player it becomes easy to kill you for the opponent player. While you are in the air it becomes an easy target for the opponent. But when you run it’s not easy to kill you.

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