Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka – What it is and how it will be passed

Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka At this time in Karnataka, incidents of continuous attacks on Christians and their churches are coming to the fore, in such a situation, the controversial anti-conversion bill will be introduced in the winter assembly session starting on Monday in Karnataka. Christians and churches have been attacked at the end of this week, let us tell you that on Saturday, a man carrying a sword entered the church with a sword and threatened the church’s pastor in Belagavi, Karnataka. This incident captured in CCTV camera is becoming very viral on social media.

The local people of Belagavi have lodged a complaint with the local police station about the sword-wielding man and the police is investigating the matter, only the person concerned is yet to be arrested. From this incident it is known that the accused is of astir mind and a complaint has been made to the church administration which we have registered, we are in the process of tracing the accused, Belagavi Police Commissioner Dr Thiagarajan told the media.

Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka

On Sunday, a group of some Hindutva activists had disrupted a prayer meeting in Srinivaspura, alleging illegal conversion. Here the police had to intervene and calm the tension. Members of the Christian community are claiming that the attacks are adding ever since the govt spoke of introducing theanti-conversion bill. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai and Home Minister Araga Jnanendra have, still, claimed that the law will strengthen formerly being legislation against contended forced transformations.

Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka

“ The bill is only to help religious transformations by persuading,” Bommai told journalists in Hubballi Sunday, adding that the law department was studying analogous legislation passed by Odisha. “ The draft are going to be placed before the press and if approved, also it’ll be tabled within the Belagavi session,” Bommai said. ons by persuading,” he clarified.

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what is Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka and how it will be passed

Anti Conversion Bill for Karnataka This bill is aimed at preventing religious conversions by inducements.

The state government would presumably introduce the anti-conversion bill in the downtime session of the state council, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said in Hubballi on Sunday.

“Religious conversions are not good for the society. Conversions would lead to problems in a family. It would trap the poor and vulnerable sections of the society who could fall for the conspiracies of some vested interests. Hence the bill,” he said.

“ The debate about the colorful angles of conversion and its impact on the society isn’t new. It has been going on since independence.

Several countries have introduced laws against religious conversion by force or persuading. In fact, the maturity of people want a analogous law in Karnataka. Officers of the department of law and administrative affairs are studying analogous laws in colorful countries.

Also, they will prepare a draft and submit it before the statecabinet.However, we will introduce the bill in the downtime session,” he said, If the press approves of it. “ It would aim at precluding conversion by force, fraud or persuading,” he claimed.

He said still, there was no need to horrify over this bill. “ Some groups have expressed apprehension that the proposed bill would not target any group or be misused by the police or other authorities for witch stalking. That would not be. No one needs to worry about the bill,” the CM said.

“ The bill would not affect anyone’s right to supplicate or follow rituals. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism are naturally recognised persuasions. There would be no expostulation or interference by anyone to religious practices,” the Chief Minister assured. “ The bill is only aimed at precluding religious transformations by persuading,” he clarified.

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