5 Worst Pets in Garena Free Fire

Pets are the integral part of garena free fire those players who are interested to play with using the pets can do. Free fire has many different features so that players cannot face boredom, pets play a crucial role in the game, they provide players different types of benefits even though they do not help directly during the match, but they are useful and we cannot ignore them. But from these all are not equally useful in game, some pets has good abilities while some are not even at their max level.

So in this article we are going to tell you about the pets you should avoid using.

5 Worst Pets in Garena Free Fire Game

1. Shiba

Shiba free fire pet

Ability of shiba is mushroom sense, it is a passive ability, this ability is useless skill in every 180 seconds it marks one of the surrounding mushrooms, the mark stays visible for 30 seconds. As its a battleground game this ability is not so useful as the mushrooms are not that much rare so its not worth the investment. shiba just looks cute but Equipping this expensive pet for a single mushroom not a good idea. But yes if you focusing on only collection then you can go for it.

2. Kitty

Kitty free fire pet

The second we recommend you to avoid is kitty, its one the pet who don’t have an ability from two. Kitty requires cost of 299 diamonds for aesthetic purposes. That’s why will not recommend to buy this pet. Its a worst type of pet in a game. No doubt they look cute and good but practically they are useless during the match. Instead of looking cute with small shirt and cap its useless in battlegrounds.

3. Mechanical pup

Mechanical pup free fire ame

Mechanical pup provide no combat bonus like kitty, it also like showcase means it looks good, also mechanical pup is known for its actions and emotes it provides five different actions that are displayed in lobby as well as battlegrounds. This pet comes with skin so as said if you looking for a decorative good looking pet then its a good fit. Its also available for 299 diamonds in store. But it don’t have good ability.

4. Poring

Poring free fire pet

Armour plays good protector role in in free fire or any battleground game. It absorbs the gun or other types of damage and reduces hp loss. Poring stitch and patch ability helps players to maintaining their armour and hp power. Poring do this by increasing armour durability. Even it has good ability it has no value in late game. As most of the fights end in seconds which means armour regeneration is useless.

5. Falco

Falco free fire pet

Falco pet is useful for those players who want to land fast, mostly player think for this to save time or collect loot before other players. However once the landing phase is complete, flaco pets skyline spree ability is useless. Aside from aggressive players who need large amount of loot , this ability of no use.

About other pets in garena free fire

Is you love pets, it seems like guys in garena free fire knews that very well. This pets have different abilities that will help the player during the game. Unlike the pets in PUBG mobile which are only decorative. This pets in free fire will help you to survive during the game. And also as the levelup the abilities and power of the pet improves which will give more better performance. Also leveling up pets unlock new pet-skins. Including above five pets garena free fire has other pets also as listed below.

1. Robo

Robo free fire pet

Robo is a robot in free fire with cat ears at head. Robo provides wall enforcement skill that adds a shield to the gloo wall that gives player extra additional 60 HP.and at the level 5 it gives you additional 80 HP power to the gloo wall. This makes robo is good choice for players who plays in defence.

2. Spirit fox

Spirit fox free fire pet

As its name suggests the spirit for is a fox in pets of free fire. It gives additional 4Hp when using health pack using its well fed ability. When it upgraded to level 5, health packs will grant extra 7HP. This ability makes fox decent and well rounded pet for players.

3. Night Panther

Night Panther free fire pet

As shown in the picture below the night panther is a robotic panther / cat which looks like transformer characters, it has special ability of weight training. That increases the inventory space of players by 30. This ability makes night panther good for those players who want to collect everything.

4. Detective panda

Detective panda free fire pet

Detective panda is a panda that comes with army style clothing. And it has skill of panda blessing, this skill restores 4HP on each skill. At level 5 each kill by the player restores 7HP. This skill makes detective panda descend choice for rushers who tend to get into battle a lot.

5. Ottero

Ottero free fire pet

Ottero is a creature that wears a hoodie and headphones and looks macho type. Ottero comes with a skill called double blubber, that allows player to recover EP when using a treatment gun or med kit. The amount of EP received is 35% of the HP. At level 5 the amount of EP recovered is 50% of HP. this makes ottero best choice for healers who wants to heal HP.

You know that you can change your pet name in garena free fire according to you choice. Decide what name you want to call your pet with.

How to change pet name in garena free fire

To change the pet name follow the given steps below –

First launch the game into your mobile.

  • Once you are on the homescreen of the game click on pet icon on the right side of
    display screen.
  • You can select the pet and tap on the icon beside the pet name.
  • Now you can see a popup window asking for the pet name.
  • Enter the new name that you want to give to your pet.
  • After that click the button with diamond symbol.
  • Your pet is updated with new name set by you.

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