5 Best Games Like Free Fire MAX for 2 GB RAM Android Devices

Hey in this article we are going to discuss top games like garena free fire for devices that have at least 2 GB RAM in their devices. Most of the time gamers search for the best games that can work for their 2GB RAM Android devices so if you are also looking for the same this article will help you to give the names of games that are like free fire and best for your devices too. Free fire max release on 28 sep 2021. And its available for android and ios platform. So if you want to enjoy more games like free fire you can check out the list below.

On the play store there are many battle royal games available. But all are not the same for the players.

5 Best Games Like Free Fire

1. PUBG new state

PUBG new state

After pubg for mobile devices krafton launched PUBG Mobile new state that is latest frenchise in PUBG (Players unknown battlegrounds) because of this games title many PUBG Mobile and other players waited for this game since its showed on play store with coming soon label. Now its released and for android with 2 GB RAM this game will also work. This game is available for android iOS and iPadOS devices in more than 200 countries including india. You can get PUBG new state devices running at least android 6.0 the game is available for download on google play store.

Including the above games that are similar to free fire max games we have the list of some other games that also you can consider for playing on android devices with 2GB of RAM.

2. Free Fire

D-bee free fire character

Free fire is also known as garena free fire is a battle royale game. And it has second place in this list, free fire is a predecessor of free fire max and have anything that free fire max offers. This game was developed and published by garena and became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 and also received an award for that. In this game players landed onto an island against 49 other players for survival. Player can free and independent to choose their starting point by controlling the player. Then the player can collect the loot according to his choice and can start killing opponents to collect reward and win the game. Garena free fire have 4.2 rating on google play store and its also one of the best game for mobile devices with 2GB RAM.

3. Hero Hunters

Hero Hunters

Hero hunters is a third person action game in which you manage a team of soldiers, you can protect your team of soldiers ank kill opponents. In this game graphics are good. Also you can switch between the players from your squad of 4 players. While the others are controlled by games AI. you have to give your better performance to win such an action-shooting game, this game has 4.3 rating on google play store. And it’s also an incredible free online multiplayer hero based battle royale game for mobile devices. You can participate in daily events, gauntlet mode, survival mode and boss raids. About its gunplay its a cover based third person shooter with amazing graphics. In this game each hero give different experience. With different and unique abilities.

4. PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite

PBG mobile lite uses unreal engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG Mobile which is one of the most popular battle royale game nowadays. This game can run smoothly in devices with 2 GB RAM, in this game players are landed onto the island then they need to collect weapons , medical things, grenades to kill opponents, the team or player who win will gate chicken dinner and other rewards. There are a total of 60 players are dropped onto island that have resources to survive and kill.

5. Mask gun

Mask gun

Mask gun is also like free fire max, its actually a counter strike that you can enjoy in 3 different modes, deathmach, team deathmatch and deactivate the bomb. 10 players can join and play at the same time, its real time multiplayer online first person shooter game. Specially built for mobile devices. Like free fire it also allows you to choose from characters. Mask gun has a fair number of maps from wich player can select according to their choice. This game has strong graphics. You can create and customize different weapons here. This game achieved 4.2 user ratings on google play store.

Other Best Games Like Free Fire

Including the above games that are similar to free fire max games we have the list of some other games that also you can consider for playing on android devices with 2GB of RAM.

Temple run 2

Temple run is endless running video game published by US based Imangi studio, its a next version on temple run game. This game is suitable for smartphones with 2GB RAM. you can play this game in portrait mode , keep running in this game with avoiding barriers, and collect gold and other rewards to score high score. The longer you run , more highscore you create.

FIFA Mobile

Are you looking for a football game to play in smartphone then FIFA mobile is good choice for you to play with minimum 2 GB RAM. it’s a sport game that you can install in your phone with 83 mb of storage space. This game will give you best sport game gaming experience. With high graphics and good user interface.

Modern combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a first person mobile shooting game that may become your favorite one. This game is a product of gameloft available on play store. This game needs good storage space for better performance. This game has high graphics and has user rating of 4.4 This game has regular new events- team deathmatch, capture the flag, push the payload, Ranked PvP.

Gangster Vegas

Have you ever played GTA game on pc and searching for similar games for completing missions, driving cars, killing people with gun etc? Then this game is for you. Gangster vegas is a third person open world action adventure game available on play store its publisher is gameloft. This game has similar structure with games in the series. In this game the map can be traversed by foot or vehicle like real world.

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